1. What it Takes

From the recording What it Takes

This is a song about friendships.  It was inspired by my friends, Steve and Brenda Adams, but it extends to the gratitude I have with all my friends.  It is about gratitude.


What it Takes - Lyrics - Tina S. Marie - Messages Album
I get to wake up another day; with the sun blinding me.
I don't care what the others say; 'cause I'm learning to put it all behind me.
Think I've been going way too fast; for a long time, lived in my past.
Lost some inspiration; but not enough to stop my own creation, yeah!
     Chorus:  Who?  You.
     Bridge:  I live my best everyday.  And I'll forgive you the best I can.  And I'll do what it takes.  I'll always be your friend.   (Who, You)
Thanks to those that cared; took the chance reminded me; been real fair
Gave me strength in my poverty; and a little light's grown in me
Showed me how to feel alive; dried my tears when I cried
Knew how to really understand; And I'm learning quick that I have friends, Yeah!
     Chorus:  Who?  You