1. Sleazy Baby

From the recording Sleazy Baby

This a personal true story about dating a guy and running into one of his side "girlfriends" in the bathroom.  She was talking about taking him home and what she was going to do with him.  Apparently, he didn't bother to tell her I was his girlfriend.  So I gathered my things, kissed him on the cheek and left.  The place was called the Hi-Hat off 99W in Tigard-SW Portland.  217 is the freeway I took to get back home.  When I arrived back at my house, I wrote this song.  It took me 10 minutes.  I looked up at the ceiling and said, "Thanks".  It is one of the many songs I've written that seemed divinely given.  I'm still somewhat friends with the guy.  I am at least, cordial.  He is a talented musician too. 


Maybe it's a good thing, you take her home tonight.  Somehow when I'm around you, things don't look that bright.  Thanks for the time when you wrapped your lovin' arms around me; and thanks for calling me your pretty, little, baby.
Chorus:  I may look and act a bit naive, but I can clearly see, you're sleazy baby.  Uh huh, Sleazy Baby.
A friend you were before the love and a friend you'll always be.  I'm so glad I didn't invest much with your company.  If we were something, you'd think I'd felt a little something.  Give me a kiss and say goodbye to me.  chorus
What a relief it was when you stood there so transparent.  I felt off the hook to perform, but for you, wasn't apparent.  Walked to my car, it wasn't far, drove up 217.  Realized what you are, and wouldn't change a G-damn thing.  chorus