1. Road Ahead

From the recording Road Ahead

This song is found on Messages.  I was inspired to write this reflecting on those times in your life where you are ready, but others are not.  You don't know what the future looks like, but you also can't stay in the same place.  There are times when people make you wrong for their life not working out.  There are people who blame you for leaving them behind.  What is true, is we are all on our own paths and sometimes they are not the same.  I use to stop everything I loved just to make people happy and then, I would become unhappy and stay in a stuck pattern.  There is not a worse place for me...feeling stuck.  So I wrote this song about change and movement.  I wrote about my frustration and heartbreak over it.  It came about when one of my peers would not respond to my calls.  I chose to move on.  When they finally got around to calling me; they were pissed I had moved on and boy did I receive the brunt of angry words.  In my response; I wrote this while thinking about what people do to one another and avoid responsibility for their own actions or in this case, no action.  We all grow at our own pace.  Some people don't want to grow and will even become ill to hold others where they are.  They will make up excuses.  And no person I've met is immune to this sort of thing.  This song is about that uncertainty.  You know it's time and you know what you have to do.  This is the Road Ahead.  And with it; can conjure up painful experience.