1. Renew

From the recording Renew

This song is on Messages.
Several things inspired this song.  I was doing research on Sun dieties.  I was reading about some Celtic ideas on this topic and came across some stories why people were buried with coins, sun discs, talismans of suns.  Thinking about going from this existence to another.  Death, rebirth, renewal, restoration and all that is "human" that goes with it.  It really is a song about things going full circle.  That life keeps recreating life.  To be alive is to recognize what "it" is to be alive.  The sun sets and rises.  The moon phases.  Love comes and goes, then comes back again.  It's consistent.  It can bring happiness.  This is one of my "happy" songs. 


Renew my heart
Renew my faith
Renew the sound
Renew Love
Sun will open up
Sun will create the round (sound)
Sun will catch the joy
'Cause I will love again 2x
Open to the listening
Undo all the sorrow
Bring in Solar Return
Like focused beams of eros
I'm present in this world
My spirit dances light
Spin like the turning earth
Turn my darkness into night
Moonwheel glows
Crescent or in round
My Moonwheel illuminates me
Some parts of me are found 2x