1. I Let You

From the recording I Let You

After a divorce, I had fallen in-love again, but the "guy" I loved was living elsewhere thousands of miles away.  We would write letters and talk on the phone.  That went on for a year.  I saved myself and took up celibacy.  After a year, I met another and hung up my celibate life.  I wasn't falling in love at first, but ended up really liking him.  I enjoyed this new person.  So I told him of my situation and things got very complicated.  Then, the long distant guy shows up on my doorstep unannounced out of the blue.  This made things very strained and I didn't end up with either of them.  I wrote the song reflecting on my dilema. 


I think I'm in a dilema about love, you see I've saved myself for another and it was "him" I was thinkin' of,
and now I'm gonna ask you to forgive me, oh I wouldn't blame you right now if you left me; Love
Chorus:  You know he doesn't hold me in the night.  And he can't touch me, just right.  He's been gone for awhile and all I know, is his memory, what is now is you and me, baby, Love.
I let you in, to take care of me.  I let you in to see what I see.  And I've walked for miles on brambles and thorns,
to pick a fruit that's been ripened for the unborn.  Love
I don't want to be the bringer of your pain.  I don't want to be completely insane, untamed.  I only want to share
a part of me.  Lover, then maybe there might be a discovery, like Love, Alchemy, You and Me.