From the recording Get To Be Right

The song is self-explanatory.  I was inspired by watching another couple of friends in an intimate relationship do all kinds of arguing and complaining about the other.  Each and everytime I was around either of them, they would complain about their partner.  Some of the complaints were "crazy".  I could see their hearts breaking and I was reminded that I too, come up with petty reasons and complaints about my loved ones just to be right.  From my perspective, it was very consequential and sad.  I reflected how I could help, so I wrote the song.  I can see where we are all responsible for the relationships we have in our lives. 


I hear you complain about her
I hear you complain about him
What is the cost?  What are you getting?  Just to be right?  Just to be right?
Maybe you'll put a "by-when"
When you don't get what you expect
You'll put off some love until then
And get to be right.
You make your decisions
And not accept responsibility
For wasted years
Just to be right
You'll tally up the tears
Be the investigator, prosecutor and creator
And get to be right
And get to be right
And get to be right
You get to be right