1. Clarity

From the recording Clarity

This story is about a friend and me having a conversation about dreaming, hopes, wishes and relationships.  This friend is like my brother.  He too is a musician and trying to balance his Art with life.  He talked about a dream where I was cleaning his glasses.  We surmised it had to do with seeing life clearly.  Pastures may appear greener, but they don't always make one happy.  Sometimes right where you are is the perfect place to be.  When you have thoughts about doing something that what on the surface may appear grand; taking a step back to view the situation as if it was a painting, one can perhaps see the "whole" picture.  Giving gratitude to and for all your relationships provide a means to stay the course in what you are seeking.  It is a type of discipline.  The shame comes from having thoughts that could potentially destroy or improve the situation.  You don't really know.  Everything has consequences and you get to choose which ones you want and sometimes you don't even really know what the outcome will be.  It is really about coveting something you think you don't have, but maybe you really do have that "something"; you just need some clarity.


Clarity - Lyrics - Tina S. Marie - Messages Album
I cleaned your glasses so you can see.  Think a little clarity; will feel at home; and you can trust you're not alone.  Fear is healthy, safety is to only gaze.
Chorus:  This way it creeps; and consequences run too deep. 
              It's not really bad; appreciating all you have
              When you think and you know there's more, it's hard to settle, bet it all
              In your heart it looks so grand, but your soul, it understands
     And in time you'll find your precious kind, and in time you'll find your precious kind
Surely you have recognized, when I'm ashamed to feel this way.  My conscious screams crawling out the seams.  My conscious screams crawling out the seams.   Chorus