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2/26/2020  So I guess I need to date all of these things when I write.  I still am having issues trying to blog here and figuring out this system  It's really bugging me.  I can't seem to use my new computer to get any of this done and I'm relying on my old computer, which has been a pain in the arse.  So, please bear with me as I try to navigate this. 

I am learning to use the Bandzoogle website format.  It is much different than Host Baby's so I hope this publishes.  All of my photos from past blogs were wiped out in the transfer, so I am not really happy with that.  In future posts, I hope I can get savvy on this.  I am also building an Art website titled:  Please feel free to visit it.  It's in its infancy.  I am combining my own Art, DIY art projects, education and ideas.  I will have a travel blog of places I've visited, if I can get one.  Otherwise I'll be talking here.  

I've been going through thousands of photos.  It has been a very time consuming endeavor.  I will probably change the theme that I have here when I find one that works better.  I have been checking other things out.  In the meantime, enjoy!


Ivan and Stacey Got Married in Valencia, Spain 

Hi There,

Around the end of May, our family welcomed our new daughter in-law, Stacey.  About 17 of us went to Valencia, Spain for a destination wedding at La Duna, El Saler.  It was beautiful. 

We stayed in the City of Valencia at the Hotel Malcom-Barrett.  It was a very nice place with a wonderful hotel staff and restaurant-bar.  Our room even had black-out curtains. 

Everyday we went someplace new except of course the beach at Malvarosa which is the north coast beach of the city on the Mediterranean.  I…

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Experimenting With Cyanotypes and Helio-Solar Printing 

I've been doing more Art these days.  Since the weather is better I've been making prints using the sun, photo chemicals, hand made negatives and plant life.  I have discovered some things that work really well while other things have been flops.  So, the cyanotypes I've made have had more successes, but have really had to alter the timing for exposures.  I've been making my own drawings on Mylar acetate (small format) and then trying to get them to work out.  I wasn't really successful at it, but I did…

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The End of March 2019 

Spring has sprung. 

Our kiddo turned 18 yesterday. 

We are busy landscaping. 

Yesterday was pretty epic.  We met several super nice folks.  We walked all over Sellwood and revisited the house I use to live in.  The boys spent the day at Oaks Park.  It was crazy busy there, but the weather was fantastic. 

I'm just leaving a little blurb here. 

Still writing songs and putting them in my music notes on my I Phone and I recording on my Tascam hand held DR-40 Linear PCM.  It does a pretty good recording of…

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Happy New Year 2018! 

Hello All!  Happy New Year!

Just wanted to say that my last gig with Stepchild was November 11, 2017.  We played a country bar and sounded fantastic.  I want to thank everyone that came out to hear us.  I did not post it on my website, but on Facebook.  No matter what I do to get people out to listen, only a few of you will come.  Thank you for that.  So I decided to quit Stepchild.  It has run its course for me.  I am not unhappy or angry with anyone.  It's just time to do something else. 

I had a very…

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It's been awhile. 

Wow!  The time has flown.

It's been awhile since I've written anything here.  I've had some small soiree's playing and none too significant.  Mostly I've been dealing with my Mother's health issues, family drama and working with my husband, Chael doing landscaping and gardening.  I have been working on my own yard these days and it's beautiful.  It's been rather hot this summer too and unusual for the Pacific Northwest.  All the lawns are brown and things are drying out.  We've had lots of fires in this…

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It's already March! 

Stepchild is playing again at Chinook Winds Casino and Resort on April 7th and 8th.  We may have another gig the weekend after.

I've been rearranging our tiny house to accommodate more music playing.  Selling the stuff we don't use anymore and practicing things I've put on the back burner.  It is not a lucrative job, this music business.  Gotta play for love. 

I have a couple ideas for new albums.  Whether they get good tracking, I can't tell.  Won't know until I put it out there. 

This weekend is Derek's…

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Women's March Photos 

Here's a sampling of some photos of the Women's March.  It was a very soggy day, but people turned out in masses.  Over 100,000 in Portland, Oregon.

There were almost 1 million in Washington D.C. and hundreds and thousands more in other cities across the U.S.  It was estimated a 3.2 million.