Tina S Marie - Musician, Artist, Performer, Writer

 I am an eclectic lover of Music and had a life rooted in sound since I could remember.  I was born in San Diego, CA. but spent much of my life in Alaska (22 years) in Fairbanks and Kodiak.  I've spent most of my life in the Portland, Oregon area.  Other places I've lived were Seattle, Tucson and El Cajon, CA. Wherever life moved me, I spent a lot of time playing music and making art.

I've been in numerous bands (mainly rock) with some very fine people.  Currently I am not playing in any band.  I am back to my folk-rock roots writing on my own. The last band I was in was Stepchild.  The band before that was my own:  Tina S. Marie.  I played in Martini, The Guise, Rock Waldo, and sat in with Curtis Cunningham's Blues band of Fairbanks, bands in Tucson, Seattle and Portland.  I've played solo gigs, duos and trios.  My husband, Chael Emmett and I play as a duo for the past 20 years for events and private parties, weddings, and business related.

I want to personally thank the following people who have been an inspiration and whom I've worked with over the years.  First and foremost; my husband, Chael Emmett, Derek Doggett, Sam Manning, Todd Mahan, Jeff Newman, Jason Moore, Mike Beaver, Doug Jacques, Scott Hone, Geoff Soentpiet, Daryl Judge, Gary Pohl, Keith Oberecht, Dan Manning, Bill Howard, Curtis Cunningham, Steve Adams, Merrill Hale, Brian Hunt, Jimmy Amason, Anthony Rice, Lindsay Roberts, Ronn Chick, Patrice Raplee, Diane Moore, Bruce Feely, and the numerous other folks I should have placed here, but that's all I could do with my memory in one fell Thank You. 

While in College, I studied Fine Art.  I also studied Music, but it didn't become my Major. I have a BFA in Art with Printmaking being my primary and Painting my next primary.  I, however, love Combined Media.  I spent a lot of time seeing what would go together.  I did invest 2 years of my undergrad studying theory, taking choir and voice.  I lived in Alaska as a youngster and didn't have formal music training.  I taught myself how to play guitar.  When you live in the toolies, you need something to occupy yourself.  We lived on an island (Kodiak),and a couple years on an island off an island (Woody).  I am still making Art.  I am still writing Music.

I also studied Fine Art in Tucson, AZ at the University.  I was in the Graduate program for 2 years in the Printmaking Department.  I continued my Music there and sat in with some rock and blues folks as well as playing solo under my name.  They have a great music scene in Tucson. 

I came from a very Musical family.  Both my grandfathers were singers.  Many of my Aunts played piano.  Grandpa Arbassio played folk guitar.  I remember when I first wanted to be a musician I was attending a Catholic mass in Seattle and they were playing, "Let it Be" by the Beatles.  I told my Mom that I wanted to do that...

So here I am.  I have just begun my website transfer with Bandzoogle from Host Baby.  I am still learning how to use the editing program.  I am also creating a website for my Art at www.emmettarts.com.  You can find my personal FB page under tinaemmett.  I have Tina S. Marie in parentheses.  Enjoy!


AKA Tina Emmett